Laser Hair Removal services in Barnsley

Skyn Doctor Huddersfield introduces a revolution in LASER technology, the Lynton Duetto MT, the world’s most advanced aesthetic laser. This innovation in technology is a cut above traditional laser treatments for hair removal; with faster, safer and more clinically effective results.

Laser Hair Removal is a popular service we offer at out clinic near Barnsley

Skyn Doctor only offers genuine laser therapy using medical grade lasers that provide results. We are currently offering Full body Laser treatment packages starting from £2400 only.
‘Yorkshire’s only clinic to be offering treatment with Duetto MT, the World’s First Mixed Technology Laser.’
Laser hair removal is a very popular treatment due to its effectiveness. Our Skyn doctor therapists are highly experienced and ensure the right settings are applied to provide the best results using our state of the art laser machine.
The clinically proven Duetto MT is the World’s First Laser that combines two Gold Standard lasers in one machine for permanent hair reduction on all skin types.
It uses Alexandrite (the best laser for lighter skins) and Nd:YAG laser (the safest laser for darker skins) BUT we can actually mix the two lasers together for even better results. This is the only laser in the world that can operate like this!
The Duetto MT treats;
– All Hair and Skin types
– Facial Hair on Dark Skins
– Fewer Treatment sessions- upto 20% less sessions compared to other lasers
– Faster Treatment times- upto 50% faster compared to other lasers
– Blonde and Red hairs
– Tanned skin
-Treatment prices starting from £30 only
Laser Hair Removal treatment- the process
When you book an appointment for laser hair removal, you will be offered an initial complementary consultation with our laser therapist who will talk you through the treatment process. An initial patch test shall also be carried out to ensure the laser is safe for your skin and determine appropriate settings that will provide the best results. The results will be assessed at each treatment and the laser settings may be adjusted by our experienced therapist to ensure optimum results are achieved.

We are based in Huddersfield, which is within driving distance from Barnsley. Our clinic offers free parking.

Laser Hair Removal services in Barnsley