Treating Male Skin

Dr Aneesha discusses the skin concerns of male patients and how to treat common problems.

The male cosmetic sector has never been bigger, with a dramatic rise in the number of men having non-surgical aesthetic treatments over the past few years. In fact research collected from international market intelligence suggests that 52% of men across the globe consider their looks to be “very important.”

About 10-15% of our patients are male and we are noticing a trend whereby more men are coming to our clinics requesting skin treatments. Furthermore it’s not just men in three-piece suits but manual labourers and individuals of all ages.

Men tend to have more oily skin types due to increased testosterone production. The collagen density of men’s skin is also thicker compared to females which results in increased lifespan and less ageing. Client’s main concerns are often of a tired appearance and they want to look fresher.

Agreeing a good skin care routine is a vital part of the treatment plan. The right cleanser is crucial and undoubtedly the most important aspect of the male skincare regimen. Tackling oily skin with products containing salicylic acid can help to minimise pores, which is vital. Over-moisturising is also a common problem in male patients and can lead to an increased incidence of acne.

Most men do not incorporate effective sun protection on a daily basis and are exposed to UV radiation, which accelerates the ageing process of the skin. There is really no excuse for missing the essential step of applying daily UVA and UVB sun protection.

Although I have highlighted a few general pointers, each skin type is unique and requires individual assessment by an aesthetic doctor. At SkynDoctor, we carry out detailed skin mapping analysis and design a bespoke skincare protocol suitable for that individual, with regular follow-ups. Call us now for further information.