How to Tighten the Skin without Surgery

Loose skin is a common presentation at Skyn Doctor Clinic, typically becoming more prominent with age and affects both the face and body. Internal factors such as loss of collagen and elastin with external environmental factors can contribute to saggy skin. At Skyn Doctor, we are able to offer a non-surgical approach to Skin tightening using the best technology on the market with no downtime and effective results.

BTL Exilis Elite

BTL Exilis is an award winning FDA approved technology that’s uses a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin. It helps with the reduction of wrinkles and gives a firm, tighter appearance to the skin. The ultrasound technology can also break down stubborn pockets of fat and is ideal for body contouring along with helping to treat cellulite. Our doctor is also trained in carrying out vaginal rejuvenation treatments using this machine.

The beauty of Exilis is it can be used to treat virtually all areas of the face and body.

The treatment is pain-free and highly comfortable. For best results we recommend 6 treatments, with the most popular areas being treated the face and thighs. This machine is only used in medical clinics and our highly experienced clinicians will work closely with you to help ensure you achieve the best results.