Skin Care in Your 40s

Skincare is vital to maintaining that all important “glow” on our faces and retaining a fresh appearance. There is more and more pressure to look good, with celebrities in their 40s and 50s such as Demi Moore and George Clooney effortlessly retaining their youthful looks. As with everything, results come from investing in your general well being and having a good skincare routine.

At Skyn Doctor we invest heavily in skincare technology including the purchase of our latest state of the art Skin Scanner machine and offer a range of skincare products to ensure your skin remains smooth, vibrant and elastic. Below is a brief summary of lifestyle advice and  treatment options at Skyn Doctor to maintain your skin and reverse the ageing process.

Diet and Exercise

A healthy diet low in sugars and unsaturated fat is essential to preventing the skin from ageing. Super-fruits such as blue-berries and vegetables such as broccoli are rich in anti-oxidants that reduce free radical damage to the skin’s DNA. Regular exercise and maintaining a low body weight is not only important for the skin but also reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Skincare Products

Skyn Doctor provides complementary detailed facial analysis using our skin scanner machine for all patients who book in for a skin consultation. Data from this analysis will then be used to provided a tailored skin care regimen suited to your unique skin care needs. Treatment products include;

  • Cleansers that penetrate down to the dermis whilst ensuring the skin’s natural oils are retained
  • Retinoids (vitamin A formulations) that improve cellular renewal, elasticity of the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Retinoids have been appropriately nicknamed “rocket-fuel” for the skin and provide great results!
  • Moisturisers with SPF 50 that prevent ultraviolet A and B from the sun causing damage to the skin.
  • Medical grade skin peels containing glycolic acid and salicylic acid that treat the upper damaged layer of the skin, stimulate cell renewal and skin regeneration, leading to a fresher appearance.
  • We also offer Obagi Skincare along with ZO skincare which include prescription only medicines that can be prescribed by doctors

Non-surgical Cosmetic Injections

Our doctors are highly skilled at carrying out advanced anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections that can be used to treat fine lines along with restore volume to the face. Our Skyn Doctor Signature Lift is one of our most popular treatments whereby our doctors inject micro-droplets of filler at carefully selected parts of the face to volumise the cheeks, treat nose to mouth lines and jowls to restore natural facial balance. This volume restoring treatment typically lasts 12-18 months with prices starting from £550.00