Beauty Trends for 2015

Being half way through 2015, I thought this week it would be useful to share my observations of what this year’s skincare trends have been like thus far.

A change in Botox and anti-wrinkle trends

As explained in my previous column on Botox, this procedure is the most popular cosmetic treatment globally.
I’ve been pleased to observe my clients seem to understand Botox better, appreciating that it is best used in small, subtle doses. It’s also nice to see that more and more patients understand the importance of having Botox administered in a safe, clean clinical environment by a certified doctor – something that I have always been very passionate about.
Hearing from clients “I want natural looking results” or “I want to avoid a frozen look” has been music to my ears and it is always great to see a transformation in the client’s confidence after treatment. I always insist on taking before and after pictures to enable clients to fully appreciate the results

Lip Fillers

Thanks to some of our favourite celebrities, lip enhancements have been put back on the map in the last few months with an increasing demand seen in our clinic. Clients are now wanting more discrete plumping of their lips and more subtle definition.
The truth is, over filled and over inflated lips made popular years ago are becoming increasingly unpopular now and clients are now looking to improve that area with a lighter, more natural touch.
With the wide variety of safe and reliable fillers to choose from at our Skyn Doctor clinic and different injection techniques, we are able to provide a beautifully subtle lip enhancement.
Prevention Awareness
At Skyn Doctor, we are always advocating the importance of preventing UV damage to the skin and photoageing. I’ve noticed a lot more of my clients are now taking conscious steps to try and prevent the ageing process caused by sun damage.
Protecting yourself from harmful UVA and UVB rays (yes even with our grey skies!) is essential in maintaining healthy and glowing skin..
At our Skyn Doctor clinic, we have seen a clear and steady increase in sales of our Heliocare SPF range to protect again UV rays, and of products that contain anti-oxidants, which protect against free radicals, as they become a part of the daily routine.

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