Lip Enhancement with Premium Lip Filler at Skyn Doctor

Natural looking lip enhancement with premium lip filler creating a subtle but well defined look is what Skyn Doctor clinic has established a reputation for over the years. We are determined to stamp out all negative publicity surrounding lip fillers and our highly skilled doctors strive to create a plum but natural looking lips that will leave our clients highly satisfied.

There has been a massive increase in the number of clients requesting lip enhancement over the past few years, driven partly by well known celebrities such as Kylie Jenner flaunting their famous pout.

Unfortunately not all clinicians are well versed in the rules of symmetry that must be obeyed to ensure lips look natural and enhance facial features. To assess the individual requirements of each patient, our doctors carry out a detailed consultation where all your queries will be answered and a detailed, bespoke treatment plan will be provided.

Skyn Doctor only uses the very best lip filler material and this is why we use the Juvederm VYCROSS range from allergan, which is the market leader. This filler is a 4th generation filler, soft and malleable, which is important to avoid any lumps and unevenness. The Juvederm range also has lidocaine built within it and this helps to reduce discomfort. They typically last 12-18 months, with some clients achieving results upto 24 months.

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