Cosmetic Treatments with a Qualified Doctor

Cosmetic surgery such as Botox injections and  Dermal Fillers are become increasingly common. I suspect most of you will know someone who has undergone a cosmetic procedure. However, this should not detract from the seriousness of such treatments and the importance of ensuring they are carried in appropriate clinic settings by qualified and skilled personnel. It is vital you do your research and ensure cosmetic treatments are carried out by doctors in clinics that provide a comprehensive aftercare programme to deal with any potential complications.

Here are some of the reasons you should only trust a doctor to undertake Cosmetic medical procedures

The Right Treatment; Although Botox injections and fillers are anti-ageing treatments that help to reverse the ageing process, they are not necessarily the right treatment for everyone. It is important your doctor carries out  thorough facial mapping and designs a treatment package suited to your needs. One size does not fit all folks!

The Right Look; The face is not hidden easily and when things go wrong, they really go wrong. Having Botox injections in the wrong location or quantity for instance leave a frightening rather than refreshed look. Often “less is more” and receiving treatment from a skilled doctor will leave you with the subtle look you desire

The Right Recovery; With cosmetic treatments it is vitally importance an aftercare plan is provided so if things do go wrong, you have a dedicated doctor to contact and seek help. Often treatment in salons by mobile personnel fails to provide this and leaves you exposed should things not go as planned.

The take-home message is please do not gamble with your health and only use reputable, experienced practitioners.

Skyn Doctor clinic only uses highly experienced and skilled doctors who have years of experience in administering Botox and other procedures. We offer advanced Botox and Dermal Filler procedures at affordable prices with a commitment to quality and excellence. Our doctors are always on hand to answer any questions you may have before and after a procedure.

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