New Year, New Treatments: Introducing Cheek Augmentation

I am excited to be talking about the latest treatment we have introduced to our Skyn Doctor clinic; Cheek Augmentation with Dermal Fillers.

Firstly let me explain why full cheeks are important to combat the ageing process. Cheeks are central to one’s facial appearance and beautiful volumised cheeks serve as a focus point for the eyes, improve the jawline and can also lift shadows from the mid-face area that often produce a dull, tired look.

Unfortunately, as we get older, we lose that youthful plumpness in the cheek area and this can be quite ageing. This is particularly true for those who succeed in losing weight or are naturally slim, with the lack of volume in the cheeks leading to a gaunt appearance. You may also naturally have a flatter cheek bone.

At Skyn Doctor we are able to carry out cheek augmentation using advanced dermal fillers. Carefully placed injections serve to add volume to where it has previously been lost, helping to add lift and shape. What’s more the results are instantaneous and can typically last 18 months.

The procedure itself is relatively pain-free with topical anaesthetic applied to numb the skin and the doctor administering several small injections to the cheek area.

In summary, advanced dermal fillers can help restore volume loss in the cheeks that occurs with the ageing process. What’s more, it can also provide definition to your cheeks which will look more prominent when applying make-up. Book your free consultation now and let Skyn Doctor beautify your cheeks with a short procedure that provides instant results.