Throughout history, eyelashes have been at the forefront of our concept of beauty. In the modern era, the beautification of the eye area remains as popular as ever.

Trends in the shape and style of eyelashes may have changed over the decades but long lashes remain an important factor in helping clients achieve femininity and attractiveness. This inevitably leads to an increased sense of confidence.

At Skyn Doctor, we have been using Revitalash to provide our clients with an alternative, more effective solution to obtaining those thicker, fuller eyelashes. Revitalash was developed by Dr Michael Brinkenhoff, an experienced ophthalmologist, as a gift to his wife who had noticed her eyelashes were small and brittle following a prolonged illness. Dr Brinkenhoff developed a formula that contains that utilises the power of peptides and prostaglandin analogues to create thicker, longer and natural looking lashes.

How does Revitalash Growth Serum work?
How does Revitalash Growth Serum work?

Eyelash growth serum works by extending the period that each eyelash remains in the active growth stage of hair growth cycle. A once daily application of the serum to the base of the lashes just above the skin will result in thicker, longer and darker eyelashes.  Results are typically visible after 5 weeks with a 16 week course recommended to see the full effect.