Obagi Skin Care

Obagi is one of the leading pioneers of effective skin care in the world. Its philosophy is very much that every individual maintain, revitalise and enhance beautiful skin. These world-class products in combination with our expert guidance and advice ensures there is an Obagi for everyone to achieve beautiful skin.

There are a number of clinically proven skin care products we can offer to improve your skin’s appearance and reduce the signs of ageing. These include:

Obagi Nuderm System

The Nuderm system is a prescription treatment that can only be dispensed by a doctor. It is a specially formulated therapy that targets skin function at a cellular level, treating photodamage and reversing signs of ageing. It is the perfect treatment if you suffer from hyperpigmentation, fine wrinkles, loss skin elasticity and age spots.

Obagi ELASTderm products

The ELASTIderm eye product is a highly effective treatment containing a revolutionary bi-mineral complex and anti-oxidant ingredients that help to increase elasticity around the eyes, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Obagi 360

The Obagi 360 is designed for those in their 20s and 30s to help protect and preserve youthful looking skin. With its unique three step skin care system using Retinol (0.5%) and HydraFactor Broad Spectrum SPF 30 the skin is left looking fresh and glowing. The Obagi360 helps to actively address visible pores, dull uneven textures and reduces appearance of fine lines.