Nefertiti Necklift

A well-defined Jaw-line is an incredibly attractive feature for both men and women, providing a youthful appearance to the face. When looking at young individuals you can’t help but notice how smooth and crisp their jawline is. Unfortunately, as we age, the face loses volume and the muscles under the jaw pull the face down. This results in a “turkey neck appearance,” with the jowls sagging and a less angular jawline.

The good news is the Nefertiti Neck Lift can reverse this process and help restore youthfulness. This non-surgical treatment involves multiple Botox injections carefully administered into the muscle beneath the jawline called the “Platysma.” Relaxing the Platysmal muscles will result in the muscles that pull the face up becoming stronger, resulting in a more well-defined jawline.

Results are typically seen within 14 days and can last upto 6 months. This procedure avoids the need for expensive and invasive surgery.

How does Nefertiti Necklift treatment work?

Multiple carefully placed Botox injections are administered into the lower face muscle called the “Platysmal band”. Relaxing this muscle beneath the jaw leads to the muscles in the upper part of the face becoming stronger. This results in the lifting and tightening of the jawline, giving a more contoured appearance.