Skyn Doctor launches its weight loss clinic

We’re excited to announce that the Skyn Doctor has launched its new weight loss clinic, having partnered with the National Medical Weight Loss Programme to offer an easy and effective solution to weight problems.

This unique programme is designed to provide a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to weight loss, helping patients to achieve their desired results in a safe and effective way. 

The Skyn Doctor has a team of experienced and qualified medical professionals who are dedicated to helping patients reach their desired weight. Designed as a medically supervised and holistic route to weight loss, approved for men and women with a BMI of 25-29.9, we’re able to provide a multi-disciplinary approach. 

The plan may include a combination of dietary advice, exercise guidance, and medication, if our practitioner believes that you are suitable and it’s safe for you to use them.

You must first complete an online medical assessment and undertake a comprehensive one-to-one consultation with a qualified doctor, who will assess each patient’s individual needs and provide tailored advice and guidance. 

We’re also on hand to help patients make positive changes to their diet and activity levels, as well as providing the necessary tools to monitor their progress. 

Rather than a one-off treatment, this is at least a 4-week course. The National Medical Weight Loss Programme provides evidence-based protocols and guidelines which will help you:

    • Apple-converted-space
    • Curb your appetite
    • Curb hunger
    • Suppress cravings
    • Release stored fat
    • Lose weight alongside developing positive habits

Take the first step by getting in touch on 01484 615287 and chatting to the team, and find out if this weight loss programme is right for you.