I get asked this question quite a lot so I thought I would answer it in my blog. Firstly both Sculpsure and Coolsculpt are FDA approved  non-invasive treatments for permanent fat reduction. Although results are similar with up to 24% and 22% fat reduction respectively, their mode of actions are different.

Coolsculpt uses cryolipolysis whereby fat cells are frozen for 60 minutes. An applicator is attached to the treatment area and a vacuum is used to suck up the fat cells for freezing. Sculpsure utilises 1060nm laser to heat the fat cells for 25 minutes whilst employing a sapphire cooling tip to keep the skin and nerve temperature constant.

At Skyn Doctor we carried out our own extensive research before deciding to offer the Sculpsure technology to our patients over Coolsculpt. Here are the reasons why;

– Time; Sculpsure can treat one area in 25 minutes whereas Coolsculpt can take 50 minutes.  In a busy world where time if of an essence for our clients, who would not want an effective treatment that can be carried out in just 25 minutes

– Pain; Nerve pain, extensive bruising and chronic pain have been reported as side effects after treatment with Coolsculpt. The suction applicator can damage nerves and lead to long term numbness. Sculpsure has been associated with minimal pain and clients can resume their daily activities immediately after treatment

Downtime; Sculpsure has no downtime and you can literally go back to work after treatment. After Coolsculpt treatment, the therapist is required to gently massage the “frozen block of fat” with significant bruising and swelling often experienced. Clients can struggle to resume their responsibilities for the rest of the day

-“Shark Bites”; Coolsculpt uses a suction applicator and because of this, patients can see a sharp demarcation between treated and untreated areas. This leaves the area looking like a shark bite out of the tissue. Sculpsure distributes the heat more evenly across the tissue and helps to integrate the transition between treated and untreated areas. The heat also helps to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin.

We firmly believe that Sculpsure is a game-changer in the non-invasive permanent fat reduction market and are delighted to be offering this technology. Book your consultation with one of our doctors for further information about this treatment.