Non Surgical Jawline Reshaping at Skyn Doctor

Non-surgical jaw line re-shaping has become one of the most popular aesthetic treatments over the past year with demand going increasing considerably. More and more people are keen for a chiselled jawline and sculpted appearance without having to resort to the expense, downtime of surgery.

At Skyn Doctor we use a combination of botox injections and dermal filler treatment carried out by our highly experienced doctors to create a smooth, sculpted jawline that is in harmony with the rest of the face.

Non-surgical Jawline Reshaping: Botox

The masseter muscle is a chunky muscle that is found in the corner of the face running from the cheekbone to the jawbone. People that are prone to grinding their teeth or chewing constantly can find this muscle hypertrophies or enlarges. This can lead to a broader facial appearance with a square jawbone look.

At Skyn Doctor, we use botox injections to slim the jawline by temporarily relaxing the muscle and reducing overactivity. Typically three courses of Botox injections are required every 6 weeks to lead to optimal results, creating a narrower lower face with a slimmer silhouette. Botox injections are delivered by our doctors who will ensure optimal results that are in proportion with the facial appearance.

Non- surgical Jawline Reshaping : Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can be carefully injected both under the jawline and over the bony prominence of the jaw to create a more well defined look. Our doctors can also inject fillers at the angle of the jaw to create a more sculpted look. For best results, patients may also require chin augmentation with filler to create a synchronous appearance between the chin and jawline.

At Skyn Doctor, we use filler from the Juvederm Vycross range, which is the market leader and renowned for its longevity with results lasting upto 24 months. This premium filler integrates optimally within tissue and does not create lumps or bumps.

For further information about Non-surgical Jawline Reshaping, contact our clinic to book a consultation with one of our doctors. A full facial assessment will be carried out during consultation along with a bespoke treatment plan to ensure a elegant and natural look.