Morpheus8 – The Skyn Doctor

Skyn Doctor is delighted to be the first clinic in Huddersfield to offer Morpheus8 – a ground-breaking treatment based on advanced technology. Kim Kardashian, Amanda Holden and Judy Murray are just a handful of celebrities turning to the famous Morpheus8 treatment to achieve tighter, smoother and firmer looking skin. 

Morpheus8 is an advanced skin resurfacing device that combines micro needling and radiofrequency energy to trigger the body’s natural collagen and elastin production – tightening, firming, lifting, and plumping the skin’s appearance. 

By targeting the deeper layers of the skin, tissues of the face and body can be remodelled to reveal a more radiant youthful appearance. 

The superior treatment can work on any area of the body and treats a wide range of skin concerns, from deep lines, sun damage, acne to stretch marks, cellulite, and skin laxity. The most commonly treated areas include the face, periorbital area, abdomen, thighs, legs and buttocks. 

Frequently asked questions:

What happens during the Morpheus8 treatment?

The procedure is performed using local anaesthetic numbing cream which the practitioner will apply about 30-45 minutes beforehand. This helps makes the skin feel numb and makes the treatment more comfortable. 

Depending on the area being treated, such as the face, eyes or body, the appropriate custom settings are made, and a handpiece is applied to the treatment area. This safely delivers the radiofrequency. 

How many sessions are recommended?

Your practitioner will recommend the optimal number of sessions to be performed based on your personal objectives. However, we usually recommend a course of at least three sessions to achieve the best results. The procedure takes about 30-45 minutes and costs from £600 per session. 

How quickly will I see results?

Visible results can be seen within a few days, but typically after three weeks the most noticeable results appear. Improvements continue up to three months after treatment. 

Is there any downtime with Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive procedure with very little downtime.  Patients will experience some redness following the procedure which may last a couple of days. Initially the skin will feel tight and hot.  We usually recommend some post-treatment skincare to help soothe and improve outcomes.  Sun protection following the procedure is also important.

When can I put makeup on after treatment?

Since patient downtime is minimal, make up can be applied 1 to 2 days after the treatment. 

So, if you want to join the recent buzz about this amazing treatment, which saw Judy Murray’s wrinkles and ‘turkey neck’ virtually vanish in a matter of months, or if you have more questions about this celebrity-favourite skin tightening treatment, then please give the team a call and book a consultation. 

Call the Skyn Doctor on 01484 615287, and start your Morpheus8 journey today.