New Laser Hair Removal Machine Acquired by Skyn Doctor

Laser hair removal has been one of the most popular treatments at Skyn Doctor Huddersfield since the inception of the clinic 5 years ago. Our laser hair removal technology has always been cutting edge and we are delighted to be one of the first clinics to have acquired the Thunder MT in the UK this year. Thunder MT uses the gold standard technologies of Alexandrite and ND YAG laser for permanent hair removal and is an upgrade of our previous Duetto MT machine.

This cutting edge laser machine technology offers both gold standard laser wavelengths, 755nm and 1064nm, in single or combined emissions. The combination of wavelengths is the gold standard for laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation treatments and dermatological vascular lesions.

Skyn Doctor are confident the mixed technology will allow us to perform the largest range of hair removal applications and offer reals solutions for permanent hair reduction by overcoming traditional problems encountered in treating fine hairs. One of the major advantages of the Thunder MT is the optimised spot shape which has been designed to a square shape to guarantee clinical effectiveness by reducing overlap and improving safety.

Advantages of the Thunder MT incude:

  • Effective and safe performance on all skin and hair types including fine hairs
  • Able to treat light coloured hairs, red and blonde hairs
  • Licensed to treat vascular skin conditions and also offers laser skin rejuvenation
  • Painless treatments
  • Highly efficient and powerful machine with full body laser completed in less than 40 minutes

In short, the Thunder MT provides faster and more effective results. Quite simply, it is a revolution in laser technology. Our Thunder MT launch event at Skyn Doctor was highly successful and we would encourage all our clients to follow us on social media as we will be announcing special introductory offers.