Laser Hair Removal vs IPL

How does IPL differ from Laser Hair Removal? Does Laser Hair Removal work?

How does IPL differ from Laser hair removal. Why is IPL cheaper?

This is a common question that I have been asked by many clients at Skyn Doctor and considerable confusion still exists around this subject. To understand the differences, one must appreciate the technology behind Laser and IPL.


Laser machines work by emitting a single specific wavelength of light, producing a very concentrated beam that targets the melanin in hair follicles. Your skin type and colour of hair will help determine which exact wavelength is used. The focused nature of the energy helps to offer precise, accurate results.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Works more like a flash lamp, sending out scattered wavelengths of light that cannot be focused like laser. It has a much more shallow penetration and is therefore less powerful.
Taking this into account, one can deduce that Laser is more effective than IPL in providing permanent hair reduction. Important points include
– Laser technology is more effective and achieves substantially better results with less treatment required.
– IPL is a cheaper alternative but generally accepted as less effective technology for hair removal.
– Laser hair removal can be used to treat large body areas and adjusted to suit your specific skin tone and hair colour.
– Beware of IPL on darker skin tones, with the diffuse penetration into the surrounding skin causing increased risk of burns.

At Skyn Doctor in Huddersfield, we are delighted to be Yorkshire’s only clinic to be offering treatment with the Duetto MT, the world’d first mixed technology laser system. We chose the Duetto MT Permanent Hair Reduction as it combines two gold standard lasers in one machine for superior hair removal in all skin types. It uses Alexandrite (the best laser for lighter skin) and Nd;YAG laser (the safest laser for darker skin). Clinically proven the Duetto MT is the only laser of its kind that can actually mix the two lasers together, offering excellent results.