Dr Aneesha Ahmad Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Breast cancer awareness has emerged as a critical topic in the UK, with recent research showcasing the proactive approach of British women towards their breast health. According to a study conducted by global healthcare leader STADA, a commendable 88% of eligible British women attend their breast screening appointments, surpassing the European average of 74%. However, it’s concerning that over one in 10 women (13%) admit to skipping screenings due to fear of a potential diagnosis, while 5% cited time constraints as a primary reason for missing these vital appointments.

Behind the Study:

The comprehensive research, which gathered insights from 2,000 respondents across the UK and a total of 32,000 participants across 16 European countries, sheds light on various aspects of health concerns and practices. STADA, the parent company of Thornton & Ross, conducted the study, bringing together a wide range of household and pharmaceutical brands, including Covonia®, Cetraben®, Hedrin®, Savlon®, and Zoflora®.

Expert Insights:

Skyn Doctor’s medical director, and GP, Dr Aneesha Ahmad, commented on the findings, acknowledging the progress made by British women in attending breast cancer screenings. She emphasised the need to address the lingering fears of diagnosis and time constraints, urging the healthcare community to provide robust support. Dr Aneesha also stressed the importance of prioritising health and promptly seeking guidance for any potential breast cancer symptoms.

Taking Charge of Your Health:

In addition to routine screenings, Dr Aneesha reminded women to prioritize their health. She encouraged them to seek professional guidance for any signs of breast cancer, even those that might not be immediately recognisable. She emphasised that investing time in screenings is a significant personal commitment that can have a life-saving impact.

Other Health Concerns:

The research also highlighted the health priorities of British women beyond breast health. Oral hygiene emerged as a top concern, with 68% of women prioritising regular dental check-ups. However, the UK falls behind in gynaecological checks, with only 47% participating compared to 71% in Europe.

Top Health Worries:

Cancer ranked as the most significant health concern for over half (51%) of the surveyed women in the UK. Heart attacks and dementia followed closely, with 16% and 13% respectively, underlining the need for continued awareness and proactive health practices.

Commitment to Informed Health:

A notable 62% of respondents expressed a strong commitment to staying informed about their health, actively engaging with current healthcare topics. This underscores the importance of spreading the message about regular breast cancer screenings among women in the UK.

A Global Perspective:

The research was conducted by market research specialist Human8 Consulting across 16 countries, including the UK, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, and Uzbekistan.


The proactive approach of British women towards breast cancer screenings is commendable. However, there’s still work to be done in addressing fears and time constraints that prevent some from attending these vital appointments. With continued support from healthcare professionals, advocacy groups, and the broader community, we can make a lasting impact in the battle against breast cancer and other health concerns. 

Remember, your health should always come first.