Tear Trough Treatment at Skyn Doctor

The eyes are easily the most important features of the face and have been labelled the “window to the soul.” Heavy sunken bags under the eyes with dark shadowing, often called tear troughs, can lead to a tired, dull appearance.  As we age we lose collagen in the tear trough area, which causes a loss in volume and elasticity. This leads to the appearance of the dark circles and fine lines around the eye. This can be very frustrating for clients who often state people comment on their tired look despite them feeling refreshed following a good night sleep.

Small applications of  premium hyaluronic acid filler can act as a cushioning agent to restore volume in the tear troughs and diminish the shadows. At Skyn Doctor we use the market leader Juvederm Vycross range, which is a delicate filler that attracts less water and integrates gently into the tissue beneath the eye. Tear trough treatment can be very rewarding with instant results and treatment typically lasts 12-18 months.

Treating the tear trough is a very advanced non-surgical procedure that can carry risk of complications including unwanted lumps. This is why all our doctors that carry out this treatment have more than 10 years medical experience and have been specifically trained to carry out this rejuvenation treatment.

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