Introducing the 8 point FaceLift to West Yorkshire

Recently I have received lots of questions from my clients regarding the 8 Point Facelift so I thought I would discuss this in more detail.

As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity and can start to sag. We tend to lose volume in our cheeks and definition in our jaws, resulting in a flatter facial appearance.

The Juvederm 8 Point Facelift, also known as Non-Surgical Facelift, is a revolutionary treatment that  helps to restore the face’s natural contour. It works by improving the volume of the face and evens out deep lines using the latest range of Filler technology from Juvederm. Importantly results are achieved without the time or expense of surgery. The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes and the results typically last 12- 15 months.


The 8 Point Juvederm Facelift addresses;

Cheek structure, volume and definition

Sagging bags beneath the eyes

Nose to Mouth lines

Downward corners of the mouth

Defining the jawline and lifting the neck


Benefits include

Enhanced shape to the face

Lifted features

Reduced dark circles and eyebags

Smooth skin with reduced wrinkles

Improved jawline definition

Overall younger looking appearance


Skyn Doctor in Huddersfield is delighted to be introducing this bespoke treatment at our clinic and with the festive season upon us, we will be offering an exclusive discount for the first 30 patients who book this treatment with us.

Rest assured we only use the top brand of filler and with all our treatments being carried out by highly skilled doctors, we’re very confident you’ll amazed by the results. Book your FREE consultation now.