Cheek Enhancement

At Skyn Doctor we are able to enhance and rejuvenate your cheeks, without the need for surgery. Using advanced dermal fillers (made from natural hyaluronic acid), we are able to restore volume to the cheeks and reverse the ageing process.

Cheek enhancement is crucial to maintaining a youthful appearance, with small carefully administered dermal filler injections allowing sculpting of the cheeks. This short procedure provides instant results with very little downtime.

How do Facial Fillers work?
Cheeks play a central role in the natural beauty of the face, supporting the eyes, reducing shadows in the mid-face and improving the jawline. The loss of cheek volume can be quite ageing, leading to a gaunt appearance.

Using advanced dermal filler injections at carefully selected points, we are able to restore the loss of volume and help redefine the cheekbones.