Our skin is on display everyday and communicates so much about us including our age and well being. Upto our early and mid 20’s, the skin’s production, repair and protective mechanism work dynamically but as we age, this starts to work less well. During skin-ageing, the production of collagen and elastin slows down. This reduces the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, resulting in fine lines and making the skin look less vibrant. In addition, the skin’s natural anti-oxidant become less effective leading to free radicals causing damage to skin tissues and cells.

At Skyn Doctor in Huddersfield, our doctors offer a detailed skin analysis which can identify your skin type and degree of photo aging. We also offer a range of products that are exclusively available from our clinic. This consists of skin preparation cleansers and treatment serums and creams. They are specially formulated from evidence based ingredients with known efficacy for use and will be specifically tailored to your skins needs.

We will go through a 3 step process with you.

Step 1 – Consult and Diagnose
Firstly, our Doctor will perform a consultation with you and assess your skin.

Step 2 – Prescribe and Customise
Secondly, our doctor will then decide which cleanser, treatment serum and cream is best suited to your skin’s needs and indications. They can also customise it using a specially formulated booster so that it can help address problem skin concerns. We have a whole range of different protocols that are suited to different skin types

Step 3 – Prepare, Protect and Repair
Our Doctor’s will provide you with a prepare, protect and repair regime that is specific to you and individualised to your skin’s needs at that point in time. As your skin’s needs change, they can adapt your primary products so that the regime stays specific to you and your skin’s needs.