Acne is a common skin condition that affects teenagers and young adults of both sexes equally. We are also noticing adults from their mid-twenties though to the fifties are becoming troubled by the blocked pores and pitted scarring that is characteristic of acne.

Acne Before and After


What causes acne?

Acne is caused by multiple factors:


Acne typically flares up at puberty for the majority of sufferers, with changes caused by a hormone called Androgen leading to sebaceous gland enlargement and over-stimulation, resulting in skin eruption.

Oily skin

Androgens also cause the sebaceous glands to produce extra sebum or oil which causes blockage of the glands, leading to acne flare-ups.


Whilst a small number of the bacteria P. Acnes is normally found on the skin surface and does no harm, if a large number develop in the trapped sebum as occurs in acne, they cause a reaction leading to redness with the spots becoming larger and filled with pus.